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    To all Parents / Senior Swimmers

    This Season (2022/2023) O&MDSA will be conducting several workshops and training sessions for new Officials.

    The first session is to be held in conjunction with the 8-11 Time Trial at the Albury Swim Centre Saturday 15th October 2022. A brief introductory explanation session will be held from 9:30 am (whilst swimmers are having a warmup) followed by on deck pool experience during the time trial.

    The Officiating positions we will focus on are:

              • Inspector of Turns (IOT)
              • Starter
              • Judge of Stroke (JOS)

As this is not a qualifying meet it will be a great opportunity to come and learn about these positions without the pressure of having to make sure you get it right.

    For those wishing to become more involved this season a good place to start is to read the online learning material prior to pool deck experience. Resources can be found here:

    Develop as a Technical Official (TO) | Swimming VIC


    For those wishing to participate can you please email the following information to Judy Foley at secretary.omdsa@gmail.com



    Preferred Position













NEW: The top 8 swimmer list in the All Junior Heats Results has been revised in Results 7Feb. If Swimmers are unable to attend the finals in Melbourne - please email selector.omdsa@gmail.com so that the next swimmer in line can be given the opportunity of competing in Melbourne. The District can change its advancers until 8:00pm Friday 17th February.

NEW: The O&M Champs program has been updated with amended start times. Available in Meets

NEW: The results of the Beechworth Pennant are now available in Results

NEW: The results of the Corowa Pennant are now available in Results

NEW: The flyer and the entry link for All Juniors have been released in Meets

NEW: O&M 2023 Championships entries are now open via
Swim Central

NEW: Swimmers entering into the O&M Championships must have swum Two Pennants. The first Pennant in Wodonga which was cancelled due to bad weather will not count towards the Championships.

NEW: Yarrawonga Open Results

NEW: Corowa Twilight Pennant No 5 event has been posted.

NEW: Southern Combined Pennant No 4 flyer